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The Design Process

Sketch Sketch Drawing:
We start with a sketch rendering of your kitchen and bath. Already discussed are door styles, appliance location and heights of cabinets. During this phase of layout the "science of kitchen function" begins.
Drawing Final Floor Plan:
An accurate computer rendering includes wall dimensions, true cabinet sizing, location of your appliances, island and kitchen furniture placement. It is here the technical aspects of your design are fully committed and precise cabinet and trim counts can be made.
Drawing Perspective View:
To give life and direct proportion, we add a 3-D rendering. Concept, height, depth and utilitarian placement can now be felt. This is done from strategic angles to show a complete kitchen or bath.
Series of Front Elevations:
This series of front elevations shows working dimensions and overall aesthetics. Here, height and width ratio for installation purposes and true working relationships are given. From toe-kick to top mouldings these drawings show a clear and uniform diagram with existing architecture and any remodeling you may have done. Note here, all moulding is drawn exact as it should be in the final install. This process is essential for kitchen symmetry and a complete workflow environment.


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Corner Sketch
Corner Final

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